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Sunday, September 17, 2006

a quiet day at Rye Meads

Went for the usual Sunday afternoon stroll around Rye Meads.

Fairly quiet. Numbers of ducks are up with increasing numbers of Shoveller and Teal. Probably bird of the day was a Reed Warbler (bit different to yesterday). Other highlights Great Spot, Kingfisher along river and 3 Common Gulls.

I found out from one the ringers that Gadwall is 3 times as numerous as Mallard and that Coots are present in record numbers. He was telling me that there were 101 Little Grebe present in the previous days count. I asked why we got so few Great Crested Grebe, apparently a couple of years back a lot of fish died. Little Grebes are probably feeding on snails.

Apparently there are more small fish now so hopefully………….


KAZ said...

Great Crested are my favourites. I love the stripey young ones. They work so hard to find fish for the young ones that it's a miracle they ever pull through.
Let's hope they soon flourish again.

The Quacks of Life said...

they are super birds. They are doing well at Amwell Gravel Pits and I think at Stansted Abbot Grevel Pits (which is literally a mile away).