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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Patch Birding and reading a manual

I didn't set the alarm today and woke up at the really late time of 7:15!!!

I headed first to Amwell Gravel Pits. You can tell its getting Autumnal, Wigeon are starting to come back. Only had one Swallow and had a flyover Grey Wagtail. Lots of Lapwing. A nice group of Goldcrests, totally oblivious to me! I had thought the weather would be horrid but it was lovely.

Anyway I decided to head to London Colney to have a look at Borders. I'm looking around the fantasy section and I'm thinking "I'm sure there was an Author I'm looking for!" EVENTUALLY I twig that I want to buy some Darkover books. They had two omnibus editions one featuring Heritage of Hastur/Sharras' Exile and the other Stormqueen!/Hawk Mistress! any suggestions on the best to start with? I bought some books Friday and they will spark tomorrow's blog.

After lunch I went down Rye Meads. I missed the Whinchat by 20 minutes but had a pleasant stroll, many of the usual suspects. Highlight a Tit flock with Willow/Chiffs.

I also had read about two pages of the camera manual. Anything to keep Diane happy ;)
what do you think? Not perfect but ok....... they look better when opened.


nicola said...

Great shots!!!

flicker said...

What's Borders at London Colney? I know London Colney like the back of my hand,(I thought) it's such a small world isn't it? My uncle and aunt have lived there all my life, my mum's closest relations - was over there when I went up in February. Used to go to the Watersplash and another pub in the High Street whose name now escapes me.

The Quacks of Life said...

There is a shopping estate on the edge of Colney.

Big Sainsbury and Marks & Spencer and other chains. They've also got a branch of Borders Bookshop. Quite a big one.

Anonymous said...

Ah say no more, that's where mum does most of her shopping at the Sainsbury's. It's just off the roundabout by Arsenal's training ground (or used to be if they are still using it, doubt it though!) Used to hang out there sometimes in my yoof, hoping to get chatted up by a footballer, ho ho. :D

Anonymous said...

Crikey, that thing would scare me to death if it was life sized!