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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A heritage open day

I wanted to take Mum out she's been confined to barracks for a while. She said it would have been easy to phone and say no last night but she decided to go YAY!! Anyway picked them up and went to Saffron Walden.

Walden is a nice small town in Essex. Its Church is one of Essex's finest. We went for a stroll, I bought a bottle of Portuguese wine in Waitrose.

Audley End is near Walden and it was open for a Heritage open day.

The house is magnificent

The interior is excellent and if you are in the area is highly recommended. The house was once much bigger, its still huge. Its well presented by English Heritage.

The Parterre garden was looking nice in the September sun.

Audley End has a fine restored vegetable garden. It has a fine collection of old varieties of Apples and Pears

There was a tasting of English Heritage wines in the garden. The Apple Wine was rather pleasant.

There is a recreation of a gardeners bothy.

Mum and Dad.

Some wildlife by the river. These chaps were not expected.

With House Martins feeding up you can tell Autumn is coming.

I stopped to purchase a bottle of that Apple Wine ;)

And its my blog so....

Mum and Dad had a great day and so did I.


Janine said...

Looks like a lovely day out. Pic of your mum and dad is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised by the Mallards!!

Lovely pic of the folks...your Mum looks like she benefited from the day out!!

I always mean to visit here somehow never have...its on the list of things to do again!!


jan said...

Lovely pics, see you did find some others to take! Glad your folks had a good time. The weather is being nice to us at the moment.

Kate said...

I also like the pic of your Mum and Dad - they look like really nice people :-)

I went to Saffron Walden once - years ago in the 80s. My uncle married a girl from there, and the wedding was held in the town. It was quite an eventful day, worthy of a blog post LOL Anyhow, just wanted to agree, it is a pretty little place, well worth a visit.

Cherrypie said...

That picture of your parents is really nice. I've seen one before but it was at a greater distance. Your Mum has fantastic bone structure, a real babe. I've never had that look so can;t even aspire to it.

Going to Saffron Waldren soon. Hope it looks as pretty x

Pete said...

CP - not sure what Mum will say to that.

Ok I'm nosey why are you going to Saffron W?

I reckon your perception of a town is coloured by where you park. For instance I never park in the very small multi-story but use the open air car park. Its by a nice green field.

Audley End is 1 mile from the centre. It really is worth going to.